Design Your Own Under Armour Shoes

Even though Under Armour shoes have only been on the market since early 2011, the company has produced a wide range of unique designed shoes that will fit into almost any wardrobe. However, if you are someone who enjoys the challenge of designing your own outfit, then you might enjoy being able to make your own Under Armour shoes.

Step One: Picking the Right Under Armour Shoe

The first step in creating a unique style of Under Armour shoes is to purchase a pair of well fitting shoes that are designed for the sport in which you participate. Wearing a pair of basketball shoes while running track does not provide your feet with the kind of support they need in order to avoid injury and remain healthy. Under Armour offers shoes specifically designed to be worn while engaging in such activities as basketball, running, baseball, football, track, and softball. Buying the right pair of Under Armour shoes will help to decrease your chance of injury. Make sure you try on several pairs of shoes until you find the best fit. Remember, a good pair of athletic shoes should fit snuggly in order to prevent your foot from moving around inside of the show when active.

Step Two: Create Your Under Armour Shoe Design

Designing your own Under Armour shoes can be a fun and creative experience. Check your local newspaper or print off a black and white picture of a pair of Under Armour shoes. Once you have a picture of the shoe, get some colored markers, pencils, or crayons and begin creating different color designs on the shoe. Try mixing and matching different color schemes until you find the design that best represents you. Once you have your design finalized, purchase a pair of white Under Armour shoes so you can begin transferring over the design.

Step Three: Coloring Your Under Armour Shoe

Once you have your markers, you can begin painting your shoes. After completing your design, leave your shoes to dry overnight. After they have dried, go back and touch up any spots you might have missed the first time through. When finished, you will have a unique Under Armour shoe of your own design.

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