Under Armour Trail Shoes

When tackling the demands of outdoor hiking, the right pair of boots or outdoor footwear can make a big difference in keeping your feet healthy and footing secure. Under Armour trail shoes can help protect your feet from the wear and tear of hiking through the wilderness or up the side of a mountain.

How To Pick the Right Pair Under Armour Trail Shoes

Trying to find the right pair of trail shoes can seem overwhelming in such a crowded market. Knowing what to look for can make selecting the right pair of boots or outdoor footwear a breeze. When selecting a pair of Under Armour trail shoes, hikers should consider two key factors.

What are the Different Types of Under Armour Trail Shoes?

Outdoor footwear generally falls into four different categories:

What are some of the Features of Under Armour Trail Shoes?

Under Armour trail shoes are made from quality materials that ensure they last well past the breaking in period, while also offering hikers protection in a variety of weather condition. The Men’s Under Armour Caliber Trail Boot, for example, features waterproof leather, 100 percent waterproof GORE-TEX lining, a rubber top cap that helps to protect your toes, and a lightweight EVA midsole that provides comfort and durability.

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