Under Armour Illusion Shoes

Under Armour Illusion shoes were designed for men and women and they were marketed as a running shoe. There are several varieties that used to be produced, but some may not currently be available for purchase. Here are a few models that you might still be able to buy:

Under Armour illusion shoes have style

Many runners prefer to have a shoe that shows their personal style, as anything else they might wear. One of the great things about Under Armour illusion shoes was that you don’t sacrifice any style when you wear these great running shoes. They have a fabulous design and style to compare to any name brand shoes. They are made in a variety of colors, so you can match to your favorite outfits, or just pick them in your favorite color if available. They have the famous Under Armour symbol on the outside, which also adds to the style and look of these running shoes.

Under Armour illusion shoes are high quality

The illusion shoes are developed to be light weight (approximately two pounds for both shoes) but provide a great deal of stability to the frequent runner. They are specifically created with more foot-strike efficiency to spread out the impact area where the foot strikes the ground. In addition, they are constructed with mid-volume Cartilage as well as Under Armour’s Directional Cushioning Engineering, to cushion the foot during your run and add extra push to your stride. With the majority of the impact being absorbed by the shoe, you will be less prone to injury or strain while you are running. Most of them are made with leather construction inside, with a durable rubber outsole construction. For added control, there is also a FootSleeve inside the shoe, which helps minimize the foot slipping around or extra bulk inside the shoe. This helps minimize the potential for blisters if you like long distance running.

Where to buy Under Armour illusion shoes

Because the Under Armour illusion shoes are not sold anymore directly from Under Armour, if you are looking for the Illusion specifically, you’ll have to shop online. There are still plenty available (in certain models) from several online shoe stores, or market stores such as Amazon.com. In your search, you’ll want to specifically search for “Under Armour Illusion Shoes”. If you use generalized shopping websites, such as Google Shopping, you’ll find a variety of stores that sell the shoe, with the given price, so you can compare prices. The other nice thing about using a comparison shopping website is that you can find reviews on the company that sells the product, so you can buy from a trusted website. You shouldn’t have too much problem finding an Under Armour illusion shoe in one model or another online, but you may be limited on available colors.

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