Under Armour Shoes for Women

Women have a greater need for athletic support for their fitness running and training activity, as statistically they have tended to use the gym or stay active for longer periods of their life than many males. Under Armour shoes for women have been developed to address the many needs of athletic women, providing durable and comfortable footwear. Not to mention, they have what many women desire in any item they wear, many of their shoes are fashionable and stylish along with being able to enhance performance. Some key features found in many of the models for women are:

Assert Running Shoes, the Ladies' Friend Among Under Armour Shoes for Women

This is an athletic female's best friend, a fast and comfortable make of footwear. The shoe is tailored to wrap around the mid foot, and gives the user exceptionally good traction. Like other Under Armour shoes for women, it provides lightweight support via an ultra-breathable mesh lining, improving dryness and temperature control. These shoes are made in colors that are bright and attractive, available in combinations of Blue – Escape - Yellow, Black – Black - Silver, and Aluminum - Carolina Blue - White. Found in stores and online in sizes from 6 - 12.

Under Armour Shoes for Women - Find Flexibility with the Mirage Trail Shoe

Jogging on tough, unpredictable terrain requires a shoe that can keep a woman flexible and agile, yet comfortable at the same time. The Mirage trail running shoe retains a flexible foot arch and minimizes discomfort and strain on the foot because the heel and forefoot impact areas are fortified by the patented feature ArmourLastic. To further absorb energy or shock from high-impact runs, Directional Cushing Engineering is packed into the midsoles. The outsoles use ArmourGuide as a stabilizing agent. While normal sizes from 6 -10 are available, they are also found with half sizes. These are available in several fashionable color combinations: black – pink – graphite, grey – jasmine – smoke pearl, graphite – silver, silver – capri, and charcoal – flame. To purchase these shoes, they are available online and in some local stores.

Propulsion Training Shoe is One of the Sleek Models of Under Armour Shoes for Women

These shoes are fortified with an overlasted forefoot upper performance mesh and wielded TPU reinforcements, giving athlete’s the best possible support and durability during their toughest training workouts. While these Under Armour shoes for women are promoted as a shoe for running or softball, these are built lower to the ground with a large forefoot radius for optimal lateral movement and lightning fast transitions for enhanced performance in any athletic venue. Under Armour’s Foot Sleeve technology provides a sleek and comfortable fit while minimizing tongue movement. ArmourBound delivers maximum responsive cushioning. ArmourLastic absorbs shock at critical impact zones in the heel and forefoot to provide the best protection available. Found online and in stores, ranging in sizes 6 -11 but only in the color combination black with lemon essence.

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