Under Armour Running Shoes Review

Under Armour has a solid reputation in the athletic arena. They are not the very highest rated on the market for their running shoes, but you will generally find really good ratings in the Under Armour running shoes review.

Under Armour running shoes review – Stars on their website

From the Under Armour website directly, you will find thirty available running shoes for purchase. Of the thirty listed, nineteen of them display a review on that website (the rest had not yet received a review). With a rating star scale of one to five (one being low and five being high) the following shoes received star ratings from three through five:

Under Armour running shoes review – words from previous customers

The majority of the Under Armour running shoes reviews contain positive remarks, which is why they have average customer star ratings of three stars and above. Many of the remarks that are negative indicate that the shoes run small or narrow. Obviously this would lead to an uncomfortable fit. For customers who buy these shoes and wear them long enough to determine they are too small, they may struggle returning them for a bigger size because they are now considered worn and unreturnable. The positive reviews focus on their style, comfort, and quality. There are several comments that mention they are great for running and have lasted a long time. While some of the positive reviews still indicate the shoes run small, this hasn’t influenced their positive reviews, they just make mention to get the size that fits best.

Where you can find other Under Armour running shoes review

In order to find customers who are not so devoted to Under Armour, looking at websites with reviews of all types of running shoes may give you a less biased group of those who have tried a variety of running shoes. You’ll want to look for an under Armour running shoes review on athletic shoe websites (such as Foot Locker), running websites (such as Road Runner), and general shopping websites (such as Google – shopping). If you are looking for a lot of different reviews, you could run into problems with variety. Often times reviews on one website may be the same as what is found on the Under Armour website. So you’ll have to keep looking if you are trying to find more than those found there. You can, in addition, look at the running websites for specific recommendations, to see if the Under Armour running shoes are recommended at all and which models are the highest recommended.

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