Under Armour Prophet Shoes

Under Armour Prophet Shoes are designed for children but you can also find older models that were designed for men and women. They are labeled as a running shoe, and have the same style and quality you have come to expect in Under Armour products.

Under Armour Prophet Shoes available from Under Armour

The styles that are still available from the Under Armour website are:

Under Armour Prophet Shoes available from stores other than Under Armour

In addition to the styles listed above directly from Under Armour, the following additional prophet shoe models are available from other stores:

Under Armour Prophet Shoes specifications

The prophet shoes for children are somewhat more affordable than the ones for men and women. This is to be expected, being that they are for children. Some people don’t think children need a high end running shoe, but some children do a lot of running of their own, whether it’s recess or playing with other children. Having a good running shoe for the kids does matter too.

The Under Armour prophet shoes for boys are built with DCE, which is a system comprised of Cartilage, ArmourLastic, and ArmourBound. These are the technologies also found in many of the Under Armour running shoes for men and women. This system works to transfer the energy from impact to the direction desired when running. That helps give the children some extra performance when they are running. The Cartilage is developed with a 4mm inside thickness to absorb most of the shock and gives the kids some extra cushioning. ArmourBound also gives extra cushioning and the ArmourLastic is another shock absorbing technology, used on the most important zones of impact – the heel and forefoot. For added flexibility and durability, a combination of solid rubber developed by Under Armour covers the shoes from toe to heel. Ventilated FootSleeves are also input to help stabilize the foot inside the shoe, which helps to minimize blisters and rubbing.

The Under Armour prophet shoe made for girls is not much different than the one for boys, besides the colors offered. They are designed to be lightweight and with more breathability and smoothness to how the running feels. Extra materials are placed in the tongue of the shoe to add more comfort and a more fitted feel. These shoes are great for kids and help give them needed support that they can use on and off the playground and street.

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