Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Under Armour has done it again! They are always dedicated to quality sports equipment, but they have gone above and beyond in their Under Armour basketball shoes for men and boys. There are not any basketball shoes available for women, though Under Armour has training shoes that are used by women for multiple sports.

Under Armour basketball shoes from their website:

The following list consists of the various Under Armour basketball shoes that are available on Under Armour’s official website:

Under Armour basketball shoes specifications

The Under Armour basketball shoes are designed with style in mind, so not only do you perform better on the court, but you also do it in fashion. The shoes listed above all contain Under Armour Micro G foam for light weight extreme cushioning. In addition, they each may include some or all of the following unique Under Armour performance enhancers:

Under Armour basketball shoes pricing and ratings

Under Armour can be rather pricy to some, although when you compare them to other name brands, they sell with similar prices. They are well known for their quality and value. You may be able to find sale pricing at stores that sell Under Armour, such as Dicks Sporting Goods or Sports Authority. On a five star scale, the Under Armour basketball shoes listed above have star ratings between three and five (but mostly five) stars. With the Under Armour reputation, along with the individual star ratings, these shoes are great shoes for the court and to up your game of hoops.

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